Snap Chatting is Cool?

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Social media is evolving constantly and growing more rapidly in 2014. There are so many more social media platforms besides the basic Facebook and Twitter accounts that one updates on a regular basis. Having a smartphone in today’s world is like having a constant connection with everyone around you. One can update the world on where they are or what they are doing through their fingerprints. These updates are occurring on multiple social media networking sites/apps a million times a day and the options are limitless. What is the hottest app out right now that is increasing the interconnectivity of everyone? That would be Snapchat, my friends.

Snapchat is an app that is compatible with the iPhone and android. It creates a connection with all the contacts that one might have in their phone and allows users to interact with each other in a unique way. One would open the app and ‘snap’ a picture of something and then send to any users in their contact list within the app. There is also video capability that can be shared with your contact list. However, the catch is that these images or videos can only be seen for a certain amount of seconds that the admin controls. Also, if a one is sharing a picture and the receiver ‘screen shoots’ the image an alert will be sent to the sender that this has occurred. Snapchat is a new innovated application that college students have their hands on!

Mashable just wrote a blog about how brands can increase their Snapchat game with this younger audience demographic. Furthermore, Mashable say’s the app’s core audience is aged 13 to 25, so tapping its marketing potential is a challenging, though highly worthwhile, endeavor for organizations (Knowblauch, 2014). Snapchat is specifically a new hot trend for teens and college-aged individuals. It is genius that brands are getting on board with the Snapchat train and increasing their brands’ awareness through the app. It is definitely interesting to see what brands associated with Snapchat are sending out and receiving to increase user engagement. Marketo just released a blog with interesting infographics that pertain to the effectiveness of the implementation of the app with the college-aged demographic. The infographics portray that seventy percent of Snapchat users are women and is used by eighteen percent of iPhone users. Snapchat users are sending approximately 400 million “snaps” a day. Pew Research also estimates that Snapchat has 26 million active U.S. users (Rothman, 2014). This constant interaction through sending and receiving ‘snaps’ is shockingly still continuing to grow daily.

Well it is no wonder why these brands have become apart of the Snapchat phenomena. Some of the brands associated with Snapchat are Taco Bell, Acura and Wet Seal. It seems that their “snaps” are very influential to their consumers because they are receiving fabulous feedback from their users. It is important for brands to keep up with the latest trends and stay up to date with what all different age demographics are doing. Staying connected and consistent with a wide variety of different audiences is important in this day and age. Especially when social media platforms are in control of sending and receiving all new types of news. Social media is inevitably apart of life and keeping on top of the different platforms is what will set one brand apart from another. Trends do come and go but it does not look like college students are going to break away from Snapchat anytime soon.

“There is only a slim number of active college students that don’t use Snapchat, it’s a growing franchise and will continue to grow”, says John Meldrum, student at the University of Louisville. John’s Snapchat score is 20,145 and what that number transfers to is the number of ‘snaps’ he has sent out since he first activated the app on his iPhone. He prefers to use the app to stay connected with friends and finds it more entertaining to “snap” than to text people on his phone. Creating new ‘stories’ that will be displayed to all users on his timeline has become a hobby for him and his friends in his fraternity.

The University of Louisville Athletic Department has also created a Snapchat account to increase their fans’ engagement with UofL.. There are other sport’s teams that have implemented the app into their social media plan, such as Ohio State and University of Kentucky. It is obvious that universities want to stay in the loop of things by activating this app because of the increased attraction among college students. Pro teams are also getting involved with the newest trend and sending out ‘snaps’ to fans regularly. Who knew that the ability to send out a picture that can only be seen by a user for a certain amount of seconds would become such a hot trend?

It is exciting to see a new emerging trend among college students that has brands interested in being apart of the ‘snapping’ process. It goes to show that companies want to be apart of the newest and latest innovations that seem so simple. The purpose of Snapchat is just to be able to send photos and videos to your friends instantly without them being able to save the content to their phones. This type of interaction has increased with brand awareness and sending out special offers for exclusive Snapchat users and followers. What a great marketing strategy that has surfaced through the interaction created by college students. If you or your brand doesn’t know how to ‘snap’ yet, you better get on it and be apart of the coolest app as of today.



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