HootSuite University: I AM CERTIFIED!

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            As a student and a digital native, I am very familiar with all different types of social media platforms. I feel as though “staying connected” is a part of everyday life. The first notion I have when I wake up is to check my text messages, Facebook notification, Twitter mentions and my LinkedIn’s timeline. Honestly, I could not imagine not being connected to the world through my fingertips on my iPhone. Social media has definitely been very rewarding to those who take full advantage of being able to utilize all the platforms to their fullest potential. Before taking Dr. Freberg’s social media course, I did not realize the infinite amount of possibilities that social media offers to the world. To be more direct, what social media offers to brands that want to make their online social presence visible.


During the social media course, all students have to become HootSuite Certified. What does that mean? HootSuite is another social media platforms that ultimately makes sending out multiples messages on different social media networks easier. The coolest thing I learned on HootSuite was that one/a brand could schedule all the messages they want to send out via social media directly on the HootSuite platform. I never knew that this tool was available to the public. Amazingly, I did not realize that multiple organizations were already utilizing HootSuite for their organizations. All of the possibilities are endless when it comes to this program. The analytics this programs offers is beneficial to the organizations tracking to see how their posts are performing on all the social media platforms they engage through. One can see what their target audience wants to interact with and what posts are doing better than others. Genius! The development of this site has minimized time spent trying to post on multiple social media platforms and maximized the brands potential for total outreach.


HootSuite is not something students are learning in the classroom. However, organizations are trying to further their knowledge about the program. I am so glad Dr. Freberg has made it mandatory that all students enrolled in the social media course at the University of Louisville become HootSuite Certified. The fact that young professionals have this certification and are knowledgeable about this program and all of its opportunities is putting us a step ahead of the game. Having this certification displayed on my LinkedIn, WordPress account, etc. shows that I am branding myself as being a professional in the social media arena. I am happy to know that when people come across my social media platforms that they will see my HootSuite certification logo and know I am capable of utilizing it for their brand.


Our class has already found it evident from our guest speakers that this site is used daily in local businesses in Louisville! Specifically, HootSuite is used regularly by Joey Wagner, owner of J Wagner Group. Mr. Wagner visited our social media class and talked about the challenges of monitoring his client’s different social media accounts and utilizing crisis communication. He discussed the importance of HootSuite and how it makes his job a hundred times easier. The ability to access all of different platforms these brands are present on and analyzing the interaction with all of its users is what makes crisis communication run more smoothly. One can target what topic of information needs to be addressed on any given platform by staying active on HootSuite. When Wagner said this, I as amazed. His guest lecture is what made me want to educate myself on all of the entities HootSuite offers.


I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Dr. Freberg’s social media course and learning about the realms in the discourse. As a digital native, I had no idea to what extent social media plays as a role in big corporations. HootSuite most definitely opened up my eyes to that. I do think all of the videos and exams are very educational. However, I wish we discussed in class more about the different techniques one can use on the program. I was a little hesitant at first to throw myself into the program because it can be a little confusing when you first start to actively engage on the site. However, I do think that the HootSuite University course is very helpful and beneficial. This social media platform has done a great job of educating those interested in managing multiple social media sites from one central location. I am excited to use the knowledge I have gained from this course and HootSuite University in my future career. I wish that all of these sites offered a educational course that HootSuite offers, because it makes it easier for those who are not fully aware of how to even start becoming active on the sites.


I am passionate about social media and all of the opportunities it offers to an individual and a brand. As Dr. Freberg has repeatedly told our class, “What are people saying about you or your brand?” and “How will you monitor the interaction?” The answer is to be active and present on all of these different social media platforms and utilize them to the fullest potential. I am excited to see how social media will continue to evolve and what is the next big social media network. Maybe I will be able to add it as another tab on my HootSuite dashboard. Thank you HootSuite for helping young professionals become more knowledgeable about your site and all of the opportunities it offers!


Whipple, Whipple, Whipple !!!

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Going into advertising? Then you have GOT TO read this amazing book by the advertising king, Luke Sullivan. Hey Whipple, Squeeze This. This book was introduced to my Creative Advertising class at the University of Louisville by Mark Rosenthal, Art Director at Creative Alliance. I have been in this course at Creative Alliance for about eleven weeks now and have developed a firm grasp on the key concept to advertising: creating an idea. However, an idea is not just created in a couple of minutes, it takes time to develop a really great idea that could potentially be the basis for a really great ad. 


Rosenthal teaches this “idea” philosophy based on Luke Sullivan’s writing in his class. Sullivan says it all starts with a great idea. His book gives the reader different tips on how to better the idea creating process. Brainstorming and researching are essential aspects that factor into the process. Do not stop at just a few ideas… Come up with as many as you can possibly think of. Write the ideas out.. Draw them with pen and paper. This is the process of where a great ad is grounded. I highly recommend this book all interested in the advertising business, whether that be creative or on the business side. Truly a fabulous book! 


PS: Buy the fourth edition… Includes Social Media! 

Joey Wagner: Louisville Legend

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What comes to mind when thinking of event planning, marketing and promotions? Well if you live in Louisville, Joey Wagner’s name pops up. Mr. Wagner is a Louisville native and guest lectured in Dr. Karen Freberg’s social media class this week (UofL). Ambition, determination and humility all describe Wagner’s personality and business ethic. Born and raised in Louisville, Wagner opened up his own event planning/PR business, J Wagner Group.


http://www.jwagnergroup.com/?page=main ]

The clients he works with only speak highly of what his firm offers. Some of his clients include: Budlight, Red Bull, Maker’s Mark and Bacardi. Wagner might own the business but he works just as hard as any team player helping out.. He does not just sit at the office, he will help set up events to make sure every detail meets the reputation he holds. The material he presented in our class truly inspired me as a student. Hopefully, I will work at a firm similar to Wagner’s and work with just as enthused young professionals as Wagner. All of his accomplishments are truly limitless.. Pink Prom, Glow Go… I mean talk about starting with an idea and seeing what happens and where it will go. Joey Wagner and Jason Brown both developed “Pink Prom” to help raise money for the Susan G. Komen fund for breast cancer. This event is targeted toward a 21-35 age group and all the proceeds go to the charity. Wagner said this event has significantly grown and is still expanding.

Thank you Mr. Wagner for giving our class your personal insights on social media and sharing your success story. I know that myself and others are truly inspired by your brand and all that you have accomplished. Great meeting you and continue the exceptional impact you are creating in the digital world with fabulous events!


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Hoot what? Hoot SUITE! If you are not familiar with this social media platform, please keep reading! I hope this blog will be beneficial to anyone who is interested in social media for personal or professional purposes… 


As a Communication major and social media student, I have found the Hoot Suite University Program to be a great tool to use for myself and for business purposes. Hoot Suite, in a nut shell, allows one to schedule timed posts on different social media platforms all from the Hoot Suite program. This is such a genius creation! It is a very useful tool when a brand is trying to get their name out in social media and, instead of having to wait and be available to post on different platforms at different times of the day, you can schedule the posts at the times you wish them to appear to the public! Genius, right?! 

In our social media class at the University of Louisville, we are required to become HootSuite University Certified. Why? You might ask… Becoming a certified individual in this program let’s others know that you have thoroughly examined and learned this program. Having this certification will set you apart from the million other applicants wanting to work in social media. The ability to know this program and go through the videos, lectures, and exams that the program provides defines you as being a dedicated social media professional. I am in the process of earning my HootSuite University Certification right now, however, it has been very useful and helpful. The video I want to share is a webinar that I found on YouTube that has also helped demonstrate some of the confusions HootSuite presents. Just like any other social media platform, you have to play around with the site for awhile to get the hang of things. However, the HootSuite University Program helps to show interested individuals how to exactly use the program accurately and easily. 

YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hWyD2jyMQs


I encourage anyone who has a passion for social media to take into consideration this program. I know that it has been a huge success in my efforts of learning more about social media in general. I give HootSuite University two thumbs up! Can’t wait to have my certification!!!!

SWOT Analysis

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As a college student, the most beneficial piece of information I have learned so far in the higher education system is how to conduct a SWOT analysis. I feel that no matter what your major is or what job you hold, you should know the basics of how to conduct a SWOT analysis for a business/organization. When entering into the workforce, you will need to know how the business runs and how they can improve. I feel that this piece of knowledge is vital because when every employee understands how the company is running, then that might help improve their performance within. The ability to critically think and think outside of the box are vital when conducting a productive analysis. Research is primarily important before beginning the process. Start by looking at the organization strategically. Once you have the material gathered begin to look into the SWOT- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. What are the strengths of the organization? What are the Weaknesses? Threats? Opportunities? 

I like the term “Environmental Scanning”. I first heard my professor, Dr. Freberg, explain this term. Scanning the environment and conducting the actual research in a effective manor are what make for an effective/productive SWOT analysis. Look at every angle possible!!! Do not limit yourself to just scanning the surface of the material provided! In class, we are conducting a SWOT Analysis in regards to a social media campaign we are proposing for our University of Louisville based clients. We have to strategically examine each step. However, not just look at the surface of the organization, but dig deep to find information through interviews, articles, reviews, feedback, primary research and general observations. These analysis should be as detailed as possible in order to be most useful. The more detail, the better. I am in the process of conducting a SWOT Analysis for my client and, I have found it most helpful to talk directly to the people associated with the organization. I think it is beneficial to learn directly from the people involved in a company because they work with the business all day everyday and can give you personal feedback on each category. I then look at research and different sources to help back up with individuals portray. 


The SWOT Analysis is the starting point, in my opinion, to begin proposing change to a company. Lay out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a efficient way to receive the best outcome. The picture below breaks down the SWOT into internal and external analysis’. Internal, meaning within the company and external, meaning outside of the company. It is very important to remember that when writing out the analysis. Internal and External are very different in terms of how the business runs and can improve. Furthermore, the key component is to take your time when conducting and keep your “strategic thinking cap” on through the process… Your results are unlimited!!! 






Online Reputation Management

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Have you ever tried googling yourself to see what comes up with your name? If you answered no, then you need to do that as soon as possible. There are many other sites (http://socialmention.com/) that you can type in your name and find different information, photos, and more associated with you online! The web is a powerful tool, to say the least. Once you post something on the world wide web, it will be there forever even if you think it disappears when you delete something you are unhappy with. 


[ http://www.orange-county-seo.com/online-reputation-management-infographic/ ]


I can not begin to stress on the importance of searching your name on different search engine websites to see what is available for anyone to see. What do you think your online reputation would consist of? Do you have pictures of yourself on the web that you would not want people to see? Are you associated with anything on the web that you would not want people to know? These questions need to be a reminder for everyone who might be posting or tagged in material that you would not want to be public. Even if your social media profiles are on a privacy setting, anyone can access any information associated with your name. Privacy settings do not hide everything from individuals who can get past them. Keep in mind, if you would not want people to be able to see the content you are posting, then do NOT post it! 

Your online reputation is vital in today’s growing digital world! Future employers can access any social media platform you are on, and as I previously mentioned, even if your page is on private. Scary? No, just stating the facts and making you as the future professional aware of the matter. Try to remember before posting/commenting if you would want a future boss to read/see what you are saying/doing. Keep up with a positive online reputation and your life will be much easier and successful. It might be difficult to explain to someone a picture that got on the web that is questionable, how would you explain it? Take caution, participate in positive social media behavior!


Great articles on Online Reputation management & tools for you to follow by:




The Social Media Today article is my favorite one by far! This article lists the top 50 social media monitoring sites that are available to you. Read the objectives associated with each of the sites and figure out which platform would be best for you to monitor yourself on! You might be surprised what you find out about yourself! I hope this blog has been helpful to any college students or young professionals that are try to improve their online reputation management! Good luck! 

Home Improvements

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Work is never done when it comes to owning your own home. I bought my first home this past summer and have found myself spending all spare time working on the house. The best piece of advice I can give to people buying homes is make sure that you love the foundation/layout of the home because it is much more difficult to knock down a wall to create a bigger space than to paint a room. Basically, trying to create a bigger room is more expensive than painting the whole house so you need to love the room layout of the home. If you are indecisive like I am, then choosing a paint color is impossible. I could not decide what color to paint any of the rooms. You always hear from people that using neutral colors is the way to go and will re-sale faster in the long run… However, I wanted to choose colors that I love… Bright! Boy, was I surprised when I saw what the colors would actually look like in the house…


[Sherwin Williams]

That’s right, I was able to see what the colors would look like on each wall before buying the paint and being disappointed. I downloaded the Sherwin Williams app to where you can test paint colors on your house. Man, I LOVE social media (makes everything so much EASIER). The app is genius! You take a picture of the room you would like to paint and then select the color you want to see and it gives you an idea of what the end result will ultimately look like. Needless to say, I strayed away from my first paint color choices of all bright colors. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to paint exterior or interior projects. It saves you time of trying to guess what color would match, you have the answer in the palm of your hands!!!

I am attaching a video editorial of the app, be amazed!


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