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HootSuite University: I AM CERTIFIED!

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            As a student and a digital native, I am very familiar with all different types of social media platforms. I feel as though “staying connected” is a part of everyday life. The first notion I have when I wake up is to check my text messages, Facebook notification, Twitter mentions and my LinkedIn’s timeline. Honestly, I could not imagine not being connected to the world through my fingertips on my iPhone. Social media has definitely been very rewarding to those who take full advantage of being able to utilize all the platforms to their fullest potential. Before taking Dr. Freberg’s social media course, I did not realize the infinite amount of possibilities that social media offers to the world. To be more direct, what social media offers to brands that want to make their online social presence visible.


During the social media course, all students have to become HootSuite Certified. What does that mean? HootSuite is another social media platforms that ultimately makes sending out multiples messages on different social media networks easier. The coolest thing I learned on HootSuite was that one/a brand could schedule all the messages they want to send out via social media directly on the HootSuite platform. I never knew that this tool was available to the public. Amazingly, I did not realize that multiple organizations were already utilizing HootSuite for their organizations. All of the possibilities are endless when it comes to this program. The analytics this programs offers is beneficial to the organizations tracking to see how their posts are performing on all the social media platforms they engage through. One can see what their target audience wants to interact with and what posts are doing better than others. Genius! The development of this site has minimized time spent trying to post on multiple social media platforms and maximized the brands potential for total outreach.


HootSuite is not something students are learning in the classroom. However, organizations are trying to further their knowledge about the program. I am so glad Dr. Freberg has made it mandatory that all students enrolled in the social media course at the University of Louisville become HootSuite Certified. The fact that young professionals have this certification and are knowledgeable about this program and all of its opportunities is putting us a step ahead of the game. Having this certification displayed on my LinkedIn, WordPress account, etc. shows that I am branding myself as being a professional in the social media arena. I am happy to know that when people come across my social media platforms that they will see my HootSuite certification logo and know I am capable of utilizing it for their brand.


Our class has already found it evident from our guest speakers that this site is used daily in local businesses in Louisville! Specifically, HootSuite is used regularly by Joey Wagner, owner of J Wagner Group. Mr. Wagner visited our social media class and talked about the challenges of monitoring his client’s different social media accounts and utilizing crisis communication. He discussed the importance of HootSuite and how it makes his job a hundred times easier. The ability to access all of different platforms these brands are present on and analyzing the interaction with all of its users is what makes crisis communication run more smoothly. One can target what topic of information needs to be addressed on any given platform by staying active on HootSuite. When Wagner said this, I as amazed. His guest lecture is what made me want to educate myself on all of the entities HootSuite offers.


I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Dr. Freberg’s social media course and learning about the realms in the discourse. As a digital native, I had no idea to what extent social media plays as a role in big corporations. HootSuite most definitely opened up my eyes to that. I do think all of the videos and exams are very educational. However, I wish we discussed in class more about the different techniques one can use on the program. I was a little hesitant at first to throw myself into the program because it can be a little confusing when you first start to actively engage on the site. However, I do think that the HootSuite University course is very helpful and beneficial. This social media platform has done a great job of educating those interested in managing multiple social media sites from one central location. I am excited to use the knowledge I have gained from this course and HootSuite University in my future career. I wish that all of these sites offered a educational course that HootSuite offers, because it makes it easier for those who are not fully aware of how to even start becoming active on the sites.


I am passionate about social media and all of the opportunities it offers to an individual and a brand. As Dr. Freberg has repeatedly told our class, “What are people saying about you or your brand?” and “How will you monitor the interaction?” The answer is to be active and present on all of these different social media platforms and utilize them to the fullest potential. I am excited to see how social media will continue to evolve and what is the next big social media network. Maybe I will be able to add it as another tab on my HootSuite dashboard. Thank you HootSuite for helping young professionals become more knowledgeable about your site and all of the opportunities it offers!



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Hoot what? Hoot SUITE! If you are not familiar with this social media platform, please keep reading! I hope this blog will be beneficial to anyone who is interested in social media for personal or professional purposes… 


As a Communication major and social media student, I have found the Hoot Suite University Program to be a great tool to use for myself and for business purposes. Hoot Suite, in a nut shell, allows one to schedule timed posts on different social media platforms all from the Hoot Suite program. This is such a genius creation! It is a very useful tool when a brand is trying to get their name out in social media and, instead of having to wait and be available to post on different platforms at different times of the day, you can schedule the posts at the times you wish them to appear to the public! Genius, right?! 

In our social media class at the University of Louisville, we are required to become HootSuite University Certified. Why? You might ask… Becoming a certified individual in this program let’s others know that you have thoroughly examined and learned this program. Having this certification will set you apart from the million other applicants wanting to work in social media. The ability to know this program and go through the videos, lectures, and exams that the program provides defines you as being a dedicated social media professional. I am in the process of earning my HootSuite University Certification right now, however, it has been very useful and helpful. The video I want to share is a webinar that I found on YouTube that has also helped demonstrate some of the confusions HootSuite presents. Just like any other social media platform, you have to play around with the site for awhile to get the hang of things. However, the HootSuite University Program helps to show interested individuals how to exactly use the program accurately and easily. 

YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hWyD2jyMQs


I encourage anyone who has a passion for social media to take into consideration this program. I know that it has been a huge success in my efforts of learning more about social media in general. I give HootSuite University two thumbs up! Can’t wait to have my certification!!!!