Joey Wagner: Louisville Legend

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What comes to mind when thinking of event planning, marketing and promotions? Well if you live in Louisville, Joey Wagner’s name pops up. Mr. Wagner is a Louisville native and guest lectured in Dr. Karen Freberg’s social media class this week (UofL). Ambition, determination and humility all describe Wagner’s personality and business ethic. Born and raised in Louisville, Wagner opened up his own event planning/PR business, J Wagner Group.

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The clients he works with only speak highly of what his firm offers. Some of his clients include: Budlight, Red Bull, Maker’s Mark and Bacardi. Wagner might own the business but he works just as hard as any team player helping out.. He does not just sit at the office, he will help set up events to make sure every detail meets the reputation he holds. The material he presented in our class truly inspired me as a student. Hopefully, I will work at a firm similar to Wagner’s and work with just as enthused young professionals as Wagner. All of his accomplishments are truly limitless.. Pink Prom, Glow Go… I mean talk about starting with an idea and seeing what happens and where it will go. Joey Wagner and Jason Brown both developed “Pink Prom” to help raise money for the Susan G. Komen fund for breast cancer. This event is targeted toward a 21-35 age group and all the proceeds go to the charity. Wagner said this event has significantly grown and is still expanding.

Thank you Mr. Wagner for giving our class your personal insights on social media and sharing your success story. I know that myself and others are truly inspired by your brand and all that you have accomplished. Great meeting you and continue the exceptional impact you are creating in the digital world with fabulous events!


Viral Content and Event Planning

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What does it take for content to go viral on the Internet? Dr. Karen Freberg, social media professor at the University of Louisville, gave five steps to make content go viral. Let’s just say it doesn’t happen over night…

1. Planning

2. Story

3. Distribution

4. Momentum

5. Measure

All of these steps are interdependent. You have to plan, first and foremost. How will you decided what your target audience is? Figure out the audience you want to target with the content for that will generate activity and interaction amongst users on the web. Secondly, you have to illustrate a story… Typically a story would consist of originality, emotional triggers and will generally compel conversation… Easy to do? Not quite. A lot of planning goes into what content and creation will go into a material that will hopefully become viral. Third, one must post the material on the right social media platform that will ultimately give the content the right grounds to go viral. Whether you decide to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. make sure you are hitting the right platform directed toward a centralized target audience. This will give you the ability to see positive results. Fourth step is momentum. Post your content on multiple platforms that seem consistent… Don’t be afraid to share information because your target audience could appear on more than one platform. Lastly, one will want to measure the analytics of the viral content. Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics, guest lectured in our social media class at the University of Louisville last week, and taught our class a “short cut” to Facebook analytics. This step is very crucial to creating viral content; one should measure the material one posted and how many users it reached. Thus, this will give you an idea of how to better target your audience in the future. 

What are you waiting for? Try to post something viral!

Nick Stover: Social Media Director for UofL Athletics

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The social media class I am in at the University of Louisville had the pleasure of hearing Nick Stover, Director of Social Media in athletics (at UofL), guest lecture. Social media is not just a past time, but a career path. Stover works on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on a daily basis (and is paid to do so!). Growing up as a digital native, social media was something I was always active on. I never imagined going to college and learning about how to make #sm a career path! Too cool! Little do most people know, Stover stated that there is a lot of work that goes into creating message strategies for everything that appears on all social media platforms. Stover thinks of the best way to target all audience with one post and how to keep UofL athletics attractive via social media. Who would have thought that much attention needed to be paid to a simple post on Facebook? I can honestly say I never did! Stover has done an excellent job at implementing fundraising campaigns for UofL athletics through social media. GREAT THINKING! All of the fan base continues to interact with all of Stover’s utilized platforms and it seems to reflect in the increasing amount of followers among all platforms. I give Nick Stover two thumbs up on all the work and determination he is putting into making all social media platforms for UofL Athletics impacting and active. 


Sports and Social Media

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As digital natives take the stand in today’s professional world, social media has made it’s domain! I want to highlight in this blog post of how sports and social media have become very interdependent of one another. I think there are several areas to touch on regarding both matters. Social media is not just a one-way interaction, but involves a two-way communication relationship. (This is what I love most about social media). I can honestly say I think it is “cool” when your favorite company, person, celebrity, athlete respond to your comment on any given social media platform. The active involvement also helps boost their “brand” awareness. As we know, all social media platforms continue to grow and expand to bigger and greater things everyday with new apps and followers. I believe that sports and social media are particularly important in regards to three areas: fans, announcements, and marketing/fundraising. 


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1. You better believe your fans are on all social media platforms talking about you or to you. I mean look at any sports team social media page on any platform…. The amount of likes, comments, tweets, etc. are INSANE! Take advantage of all the attention and send out powerful messages that will make an impact to your audience!

2. Announcements: What better way to share new information regarding the sport/team you are representing than through social media. Your fans will notice and interact FAST! Therefore, the interaction will increase your brand awareness and followers. You do want people talking about you… Watch what people are saying and make sure it is productive. 

3. Marketing/Fundraising: The best way to promote/advertise any product/team in a less expensive manner is through social media. Sport teams and players do it all the time! Increasing awareness about games, retail items, tickets, sponsors…. All over social media. This strategy if very important to implement in 2013, for there are so many people connected on social media. Have your audience connect with you and what you have to say! 

Crisis Communication 2

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As I have mentioned in my blog before, I am a resident of Louisville, Ky. I was born and raised in Louisville and grew up as a Cardinal fan. Obviously, these factors went into my decision when choosing a college to attend. I wanted to be apart of the University of Louisville and be an actual “cardinal”. It was so weird to be on campus with the athletes I watch at the games and on TV in “real-life”! I was in heaven! Words can not begin to even explain the excitement I had when both football and basketball won major bowl/championship games last year (2012)… Year of the Cardinal! I could not believe that I will remember these two events as being a student during these memorable times for UofL athletics and Louisville as a community. 

Although, the latest story in the media about a UofL basketball player has made me realize that sometimes your favorite college players will not always excite you. Chane Behanan, UofL athlete, was recently indefinitely suspended from the University of Louisville basketball team. Needless to say, I was in shock as was most of the town. People have said that he was previously suspended, but I still could not get over the fact that Pitino has said “it is not probable” that Behanan will be rejoining the team anytime soon. I think my heart sunk a little after reading that line. 




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Louisville basketball has not won a national champoinship since 1986, until last year when Behanan and the rest of the team succeed in winning the title again. The whole town was in amaze. It was HUGE! All fans are in utter excitement for basketball season to begin again until we all were informed with the latest news about Behanan. 

With all that being said, I would like to talk about my opinion from a communication student’s standpoint. This whole situation is a great example of where crisis communication is needed. We have learned about this topic in Dr. Karen Freberg’s strategic communication and social media courses. Yes, Pitino did make a statement to the media about the university’s decision on the suspension. However, I think it would have been more beneficial and reputable for Chane to make a statement. I do understand that he is a “student-athlete” and there are limitations, but I think it would have hushed a lot of the talk going around town and help maintain his reputation if this young man would have made a personal statement. As we have learned, effective crisis communication occurs only when one acts fast and makes a truthful statement to the public by explaining and taking full responsibility their actions that are being attacked. The public tends to think more highly of those who take up for their own actions rather than hearing someone else explain them. 

I personally would have liked to hear what Behanan would have to say about everything being said about him in the news. It does not have to be detailed or too personal but just a statement coming from him. All together, I think that if he were to utilize crisis communication, in his own personal voice, all the buzz in the media would die down. I am hoping Behanan is not going to be suspended indefinitely, due to the fact that he is one of the fans’ favorite players. He is a cardinal. We all hope to see #21 appear at the Yum Center, once again, to bring home another championship title. 

Social Media Monitoring

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Social media has evolved from it’s early days of just being able to connect with people. It has vastly grown to bigger and powerful things! Business’ are catching on and getting their messages out to you. We all are trying to stay “connected” to one another and all types of messages. Whether those be words, picture, infographics…. All people on social media need to take a very important look at how they are monitoring their platforms. 

There are great websites that help one monitor all different accounts. I use Klout, obsessively, and HootSuite. I am a huge fan of both sites. I really like Klout because you can see your “score” of how influential you are online. I started on Klout with a 48 and am now at a 61. (I am so excited that my score has increased, YAY!) I kind of enjoy the fact I am becoming increasingly influential to all people interacting with me on all social media platforms. Do you know how powerful that is?






Everyone has the ability to make an impact through the World Wide Web! But what can you or what will you do with that power? How are you monitoring that power? Take responsible actions and utilize your platforms to the upmost potential you have. Dr. Karen Freberg, social media professor at the University of Louisville, has clearly told us students that we should brand ourselves through social media. What are you going to say about yourself and how are people going to talk about you? What are you posting and how is that being evaluated by others? Keeping all these questions in mind and checking social media monitoring sites have become habitual for myself. Social media will continue to evolve and make an even bigger impact than it is now in 2013! What will you want people to remember you online social presence as? What will come up when you are googled? Do not be afraid of the power social media holds in today’s generation, but take advantage of it! Use all the resources that are present and monitor you actions and behavior. In the long run, it will be very beneficial for individuals and organizations to keep up with social media monitoring regularly if not daily. Things happen on the Internet very fast, can you keep up?


Fall Must-Haves!

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Good evening, everyone!

Okay… I am a Kentucky native and absolutely love that I get to live somewhere that I get to experience each season every year! I know most people love summer and all the attire in those months, but my favorite season for fashion is fall! Fall offers so many varieties of outfits and accessory choices! I absolutely love being able to add a colorful/decorative scarf to anything I am wearing. You can also dress up any sweater or jean! Too hot in the summer to do that trick! I want to list a few of my must-have items for the fall time:


1. A great, affordable peacoat- great places to look are Express, Forever 21, JC Penney, Khol’s, TJ Maxx, Marshalls. Find something with color or neutral. Love big buttons and pockets! Such a classic look!


2. Colored jeans- Love me some fun colored jeans! Great to wear out with girlfriends or on date night with your special someone! These are the latest trend, ladies! Patterns are great as well!




3. Comfy sweaters- Snuggle up in a great comfy sweater during those cold fall days/nights. Love a tan sweater with a great pair of jeans or comfy leggings. You can never go wrong with that combination!




4. Boots- You got to have at least one pair, if not more, of leather boots! I am obsessed with my tall boots and short boots! I wear them out with friends or even to class! A SERIOUS must-have! PS. Got mine at Payless! 




Okay, fashionistas! Shop away for these four essential must-haves for fall! I swear by these four items! Dress em’ up or wear em’ down! Enjoy this fall season in style! You do not have to wear a designer brand to be consindered fashionable… There are great deals everywhere! Gotta look for the bargain! Especially if you are a college student like myself! Have a fabulous fall season in great style!