Sports and Social Media

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As digital natives take the stand in today’s professional world, social media has made it’s domain! I want to highlight in this blog post of how sports and social media have become very interdependent of one another. I think there are several areas to touch on regarding both matters. Social media is not just a one-way interaction, but involves a two-way communication relationship. (This is what I love most about social media). I can honestly say I think it is “cool” when your favorite company, person, celebrity, athlete respond to your comment on any given social media platform. The active involvement also helps boost their “brand” awareness. As we know, all social media platforms continue to grow and expand to bigger and greater things everyday with new apps and followers. I believe that sports and social media are particularly important in regards to three areas: fans, announcements, and marketing/fundraising. 


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1. You better believe your fans are on all social media platforms talking about you or to you. I mean look at any sports team social media page on any platform…. The amount of likes, comments, tweets, etc. are INSANE! Take advantage of all the attention and send out powerful messages that will make an impact to your audience!

2. Announcements: What better way to share new information regarding the sport/team you are representing than through social media. Your fans will notice and interact FAST! Therefore, the interaction will increase your brand awareness and followers. You do want people talking about you… Watch what people are saying and make sure it is productive. 

3. Marketing/Fundraising: The best way to promote/advertise any product/team in a less expensive manner is through social media. Sport teams and players do it all the time! Increasing awareness about games, retail items, tickets, sponsors…. All over social media. This strategy if very important to implement in 2013, for there are so many people connected on social media. Have your audience connect with you and what you have to say! 


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