Nick Stover: Social Media Director for UofL Athletics

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The social media class I am in at the University of Louisville had the pleasure of hearing Nick Stover, Director of Social Media in athletics (at UofL), guest lecture. Social media is not just a past time, but a career path. Stover works on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on a daily basis (and is paid to do so!). Growing up as a digital native, social media was something I was always active on. I never imagined going to college and learning about how to make #sm a career path! Too cool! Little do most people know, Stover stated that there is a lot of work that goes into creating message strategies for everything that appears on all social media platforms. Stover thinks of the best way to target all audience with one post and how to keep UofL athletics attractive via social media. Who would have thought that much attention needed to be paid to a simple post on Facebook? I can honestly say I never did! Stover has done an excellent job at implementing fundraising campaigns for UofL athletics through social media. GREAT THINKING! All of the fan base continues to interact with all of Stover’s utilized platforms and it seems to reflect in the increasing amount of followers among all platforms. I give Nick Stover two thumbs up on all the work and determination he is putting into making all social media platforms for UofL Athletics impacting and active. 



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