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Social media has evolved from it’s early days of just being able to connect with people. It has vastly grown to bigger and powerful things! Business’ are catching on and getting their messages out to you. We all are trying to stay “connected” to one another and all types of messages. Whether those be words, picture, infographics…. All people on social media need to take a very important look at how they are monitoring their platforms. 

There are great websites that help one monitor all different accounts. I use Klout, obsessively, and HootSuite. I am a huge fan of both sites. I really like Klout because you can see your “score” of how influential you are online. I started on Klout with a 48 and am now at a 61. (I am so excited that my score has increased, YAY!) I kind of enjoy the fact I am becoming increasingly influential to all people interacting with me on all social media platforms. Do you know how powerful that is?






Everyone has the ability to make an impact through the World Wide Web! But what can you or what will you do with that power? How are you monitoring that power? Take responsible actions and utilize your platforms to the upmost potential you have. Dr. Karen Freberg, social media professor at the University of Louisville, has clearly told us students that we should brand ourselves through social media. What are you going to say about yourself and how are people going to talk about you? What are you posting and how is that being evaluated by others? Keeping all these questions in mind and checking social media monitoring sites have become habitual for myself. Social media will continue to evolve and make an even bigger impact than it is now in 2013! What will you want people to remember you online social presence as? What will come up when you are googled? Do not be afraid of the power social media holds in today’s generation, but take advantage of it! Use all the resources that are present and monitor you actions and behavior. In the long run, it will be very beneficial for individuals and organizations to keep up with social media monitoring regularly if not daily. Things happen on the Internet very fast, can you keep up?



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