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When you are trying to get in touch with customer service, do you call the direct line? Go to the store? Contact through the web? As a digital native, I find it more effective to get in touch with the customer service department through a social media platform. I have done this on many of occasions. I find it interesting that consumers are evolving their means of communication. Making a phone call is not the latest fad… tweeting your issues or posting on Facebook has become the new channel of communication.


Consumers want a fast-paced experience with anything they are engaging in. Whether that be deciding on what to buy, where to travel or what movie to rent next… People are turning to the web for their support! I even find myself as a social consumer. I always check the online reviews of a product before I make any large purchase. Recently, I was shopping around for a new hair dryer… I wanted something affordable, but more efficient than a drug store device. I researched a few professional blow dryers that influenced my purchasing behavior. Of course, I bought the blow dryer with the best positive feedback from users. 


I take full advantage of being a social consumer. It has truly saved me from buying a lot of things that are frowned upon by multiple people. I love the fact that you can tweet most companies you are trying to get in contact with… I find it humorous that I have typically been able to receive a faster reply via social media than I have when calling a direct phone number. Companies also realize this evolution the consumer has taken. Next time you go to contact Target, Southwest, or 21C Hotel… Tweet or Facebook them… Could be beneficially faster and more convenient. 


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