Fall Must-Haves!

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Good evening, everyone!

Okay… I am a Kentucky native and absolutely love that I get to live somewhere that I get to experience each season every year! I know most people love summer and all the attire in those months, but my favorite season for fashion is fall! Fall offers so many varieties of outfits and accessory choices! I absolutely love being able to add a colorful/decorative scarf to anything I am wearing. You can also dress up any sweater or jean! Too hot in the summer to do that trick! I want to list a few of my must-have items for the fall time:


1. A great, affordable peacoat- great places to look are Express, Forever 21, JC Penney, Khol’s, TJ Maxx, Marshalls. Find something with color or neutral. Love big buttons and pockets! Such a classic look!


2. Colored jeans- Love me some fun colored jeans! Great to wear out with girlfriends or on date night with your special someone! These are the latest trend, ladies! Patterns are great as well!




3. Comfy sweaters- Snuggle up in a great comfy sweater during those cold fall days/nights. Love a tan sweater with a great pair of jeans or comfy leggings. You can never go wrong with that combination!




4. Boots- You got to have at least one pair, if not more, of leather boots! I am obsessed with my tall boots and short boots! I wear them out with friends or even to class! A SERIOUS must-have! PS. Got mine at Payless! 




Okay, fashionistas! Shop away for these four essential must-haves for fall! I swear by these four items! Dress em’ up or wear em’ down! Enjoy this fall season in style! You do not have to wear a designer brand to be consindered fashionable… There are great deals everywhere! Gotta look for the bargain! Especially if you are a college student like myself! Have a fabulous fall season in great style! 





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