Digital Ring Shopping

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Okay so I have to post about my recent obsession, online ring shopping! My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting engaged and we have started looking for rings… If you do not know me, I am probably the most indecisive person you will ever meet. It takes me forever to pick out clothes, shoes, or anything I shop for. Therefore, shopping for an engagement ring has been a huge challenge. 

Due to the fact I am taking 18 hours this semester and have a limited amount of time I can actually physically go shopping at a jewelry store, I have done a ton of online ring shopping. It has actually been more relaxing and enjoying for me as a consumer. When you go to a jewelry store, I feel like you are constantly being pressured to buy. That is an uncomfortable feeling for me, obviously because I have no CLUE what I want. I enjoy taking my time going through different rings online and picking out a certain mount setting and picking out the diamond for the setting. I have fallen in LOVE! I highly recommend going to Davis Jewelers website and looking at all their options, .

Even if you do not find “your ring”, it will help in your elimination process. Shopping online for rings has been a very useful tool for me as a buyer. Even if you are not shopping for an engagement ring, there are tons of other products on their site. They have fabulous watches, necklaces, and anniversary gifts! Check it out! Shop til ya drop 🙂







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