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Hoot what? Hoot SUITE! If you are not familiar with this social media platform, please keep reading! I hope this blog will be beneficial to anyone who is interested in social media for personal or professional purposes… 


As a Communication major and social media student, I have found the Hoot Suite University Program to be a great tool to use for myself and for business purposes. Hoot Suite, in a nut shell, allows one to schedule timed posts on different social media platforms all from the Hoot Suite program. This is such a genius creation! It is a very useful tool when a brand is trying to get their name out in social media and, instead of having to wait and be available to post on different platforms at different times of the day, you can schedule the posts at the times you wish them to appear to the public! Genius, right?! 

In our social media class at the University of Louisville, we are required to become HootSuite University Certified. Why? You might ask… Becoming a certified individual in this program let’s others know that you have thoroughly examined and learned this program. Having this certification will set you apart from the million other applicants wanting to work in social media. The ability to know this program and go through the videos, lectures, and exams that the program provides defines you as being a dedicated social media professional. I am in the process of earning my HootSuite University Certification right now, however, it has been very useful and helpful. The video I want to share is a webinar that I found on YouTube that has also helped demonstrate some of the confusions HootSuite presents. Just like any other social media platform, you have to play around with the site for awhile to get the hang of things. However, the HootSuite University Program helps to show interested individuals how to exactly use the program accurately and easily. 

YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hWyD2jyMQs


I encourage anyone who has a passion for social media to take into consideration this program. I know that it has been a huge success in my efforts of learning more about social media in general. I give HootSuite University two thumbs up! Can’t wait to have my certification!!!!


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