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Today I had the pleasure of hearing a wonderful and insightful lecture given by Robert Young. Mr. Young is the Vice President of Public Relations at the Kentucky Derby Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. He came as a guest speaker to give his input on social media and the social media practices he engages in for his company to my social media class at the University of Louisville. The information he disclosed to the class really encouraged and motivated most of the students.

The impact of social media is HUGE! Mr. Young conveyed that central idea through all the facts and figures he presented today. I was shocked when he said during the two weeks that the festival runs, a revenue of $127.9 million dollars is earned!!!! I still cannot get passed that number! That is awesome! Mr. Young advocates strong and centralized social media activity. The platforms he engages in for the organization are mainly Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The fact that we are in a information overload time period with the media is important because we can communicate more than ever to the public and make that HUGE impact count. The reasons to use social media to aide this constant communication are demographic targeting, enhanced communication, enormous audience, and cheap CPM (cost per thousand). All of these key points were highlighted in Mr. Young’s notes. The ability to use social media for a company is utter genius. You are hitting so many different people on different platforms and can potentially analyze how many people are viewing and giving direct feedback to the message you are sending out. You can shape the brand through the platform you partake in… Powerful! 

One statistic that Mr. Young presented stood out in my head all day long:

“Nearly 70% of U.S. adults are “more likely” to comment via social media than to email or make a phone call” 

That is insane (in a good way). This statistic just reinforces that impact social media has on the world today and always remember to participate in smart social media posting choices. Mr. Young also reiterated to track your online reputation management. Always remember what are people saying about your brand and how are you portraying that brand to the public. Social media has a huge impact and we need to be advised of what we want that impact to be on people. Also, always remember to have a strategy when posting! Try to always have a central idea with one post and make the most of it! 

All together, Mr. Young presented a lot of useful information and tips for professional social media posting and helpful insights on social media etiquette. I am very thankful and grateful to have had the opportunity to hear his thoughts and practices on social media. Thank you Mr. Young and Dr. Freberg for relaying your professional intuitions to us social media students!  


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