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Have you ever tried googling yourself to see what comes up with your name? If you answered no, then you need to do that as soon as possible. There are many other sites ( that you can type in your name and find different information, photos, and more associated with you online! The web is a powerful tool, to say the least. Once you post something on the world wide web, it will be there forever even if you think it disappears when you delete something you are unhappy with. 


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I can not begin to stress on the importance of searching your name on different search engine websites to see what is available for anyone to see. What do you think your online reputation would consist of? Do you have pictures of yourself on the web that you would not want people to see? Are you associated with anything on the web that you would not want people to know? These questions need to be a reminder for everyone who might be posting or tagged in material that you would not want to be public. Even if your social media profiles are on a privacy setting, anyone can access any information associated with your name. Privacy settings do not hide everything from individuals who can get past them. Keep in mind, if you would not want people to be able to see the content you are posting, then do NOT post it! 

Your online reputation is vital in today’s growing digital world! Future employers can access any social media platform you are on, and as I previously mentioned, even if your page is on private. Scary? No, just stating the facts and making you as the future professional aware of the matter. Try to remember before posting/commenting if you would want a future boss to read/see what you are saying/doing. Keep up with a positive online reputation and your life will be much easier and successful. It might be difficult to explain to someone a picture that got on the web that is questionable, how would you explain it? Take caution, participate in positive social media behavior!


Great articles on Online Reputation management & tools for you to follow by:

The Social Media Today article is my favorite one by far! This article lists the top 50 social media monitoring sites that are available to you. Read the objectives associated with each of the sites and figure out which platform would be best for you to monitor yourself on! You might be surprised what you find out about yourself! I hope this blog has been helpful to any college students or young professionals that are try to improve their online reputation management! Good luck! 


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