What is Social Media?

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As I have mentioned, in my last blog introducing myself, I am a senior at the University of Louisville. I am a communication major. I am currently studying different aspects of the major, which includes one of my favorite areas of study, social media. Before entering my social media course or even entering the University of Louisville, I only thought of social media as being Facebook and Twitter. These sites provided the ability for me to connect with my friends, family and different online communities. I never imagined social media to be bigger than the realms of these two networking sites. Oh, how I was misled. Social media is becoming a new growing empire for the world. There are over hundreds of social media sites that allow you to connect, sell, advertise, do business, and more. Therefore, social media is no longer just limited to social networking. It is now a career path! Social media has so many more roles and capabilities that are available to everyone in 2013. I cannot begin to describe how shocked I am as to how much social media has grown in just the past year. More and more apps are becoming the most popular thing to be on in one’s spare time. Instagram and Vine are new(er) apps (within the past year and a half) and are being used by millions of people. Having an iPhone is essential in today’s world. The meaning of having a phone is not only limited to talking to others through the device through your cell provider. An iPhone keeps people connected by social media to all parts of the world (well most parts). Facebook and Twitter are probably on most if not all smart phone users. Let’s just sum this up in a nutshell, we have come a long way since the beginning of the web. The web is now the platform which social media is easily accessed. I cannot wait to see what the future of social media will hold. The article I am posting examines the means of social media pretty well. Like I said, social media has become so much more since the early days of Facebook or Twitter. This article highlights that and gives you an insight as to how much social media has grown. The numbers are crazy yet, interesting.

Link to Forbes’ article “Social Media Usage Up 800% For U.S. Online Adults In Just 8 Years”: 


I wanted to share a photo I also thought was very cool. This graphic from Business Insider’s website shows many social media sites. They also talk about how social media is not just about connecting with others… It is a new way of life!




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