BLOG 14: social media

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All right, we all have been inundated with social media stuff.  How long is this going to go on?  Is social media here to stay or will it be just a flash in the pan — like diskettes and laser disks?  Or is it here for the long haul?  How do you think it will be used in the future, or do you think it won’t be and something else will take its place?  In other words, give us your take on social media.  What do you think?



Social media is not going anywhere anytime soon. Social media is integrated into so many things in our society. Everywhere you turn you will see a bird representing Twitter or and F representing Facebook. I do not things will change soon, but that could be a possibility. I mean look at Myspace for example. This was a huge social media site and now many really have forgot it. I honestly do not think that Twitter or Facebook will be disappearing anytime soon. However, I do think that new social media sites will become more popular over time, which will then cause a slight decrease in popularity with Twitter and Facebook.


I honestly do not get on Facebook as much as I used to when it was first out. I have gravitated more towards Twitter and like I said, newer social media sites. Since having an iPhone, I log in to all my accounts via my mobile device. CONVERGENCE, CONVERGENCE, CONVERGENCE. Two of my new favorites social media sites are Instagram and Vine. Instagram is primarily just users uploading pictures on their profile and other users have the ability to “like” or “comment” on their pictures. Vine is similar, however, users are uploading videos for viewers to see. I really enjoy using these two social media sites just because of the simplicity they have. Twitter is the next runner up for a list of my favorite social media sites. Twitter has taken a huge toll on the world. It has been integrated and changed the way people interaction and talk. I do not think any of these sites are going anywhere soon. Hopefully social media will still be very predominate 5 years from now or even 10 years from now. However, I am excited to see what changes will happen with social media, or if something better will come around!


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