Blog 13: The Internet

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The last assignment was about the mobile phone and its impact.  This one is about the Internet and its impact.  Unless you are really old, like me, the Internet has been around your entire life, so I won’t ask you if you recall life before the Internet.  I will ask you how you think the Internet changes your life.  That is, imagine life without the Internet.  What would that be like?  Think about how often you use the Internet and what you use it for.  A lot of stuff, huh?  Well, think about if you didn’t have it.  And think about people who DON’T have it.  How do you think their lives are in a world where everyone else has it?



Life without the Internet… Hmm… Is that even possible to imagine? Well I will try to do this. As a student, that would mean I would have to do all of my research in the library using books. I would have to go to each of my six professors to discuss grades. I would have to turn in all my assignments hard copy. I would have to take all of my courses in the classroom. I would not have access to my banking information personally. I would have to read everything via printed hard copy. I would not be able to communicate with people around the world instantly. I would have to use a real map, not a GPS. Life would be VERY different.


I feel as though my stress level would significantly increase. Life would be a lot more challenging as a student. The Internet has changed the way people live. Honestly, the Internet has made life easier. I mean you can access anything from the comfort of your home. We are definitely spoiled today with all of the information we can access through our fingertips. It is hard to imagine all of this not being available. The book “The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains” is a clear example of that. I highly recommend people to read this book. Carr digs into this topic and shows how people have adapted to the Internet, and our brains start to function like the Net. We want information instantly and short in length. I do not remember the last time I bought a printed book and read is cover to cover. The Internet has provided summaries that seem to be more time efficient in the way of receiving information. Therefore, I can honestly say I do not know how people survived without the Internet and all that it offers.


The video clip below is very interesting to watch… Take a look at what Carr says about the Internet. 





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