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For this entry you need not look up any web pages.  This one is about mobile phones.  The primary question is how do you think mobile telephones have changed the lives of users over the last several years?  Do you remember when you didn’t have a mobile phone?  OK, so when did you get your first mobile phone?  How old do you think kids should be before they get a phone?  You get the idea.  What I am looking for is a statement on the social impact of mobile phones.



Mobile phones have become a necessity to have in 2013. They are not just another device to have, but are critical to life in this generation. Everyone revolves around the use of a mobile phone. If you ask people what is the first thing they look at when they wake up, most people will say they are check notifications on their cell phones. Also, most people typically set an alarm on their mobile phones in order to wake up everyday. Mobile phones have shaped the way we live and interact with one another. Texting, calling, face-timing, social media are just some of the activities that are available to consumers. These devices have changed the way people interact on a day-to-day basis. I honestly can say that I would not know what to do without my mobile phone.


I remember the first mobile phone I had. It was a little blue Cingular device with a screen that was in black and white. I LOVED my first cell phone. My mom bought one for me and one for my sister. When we started babysitting in the fifth grade she wanted us to be able to call/answer if anything happened. I was even more excited about my phone with my mom bought the texting plan for our plan. I loved being able to text my friends after school and talk to them on my own phone instead of waiting for the house phone to become available for use. I grew up living with my mom and sister, and when three women are in the house the phone is hard to get ahold of. So basically having a mobile phone opened up my social interactions tremendously. I do not have a certain age in mind for when kids should get a cell phone. I think that decision is left to the parents because they are obviously the ones responsible for paying the bill. I have babysat different families in which kids as young as five have their own mobile phones. The main question I ask myself is, “Whom are they calling?”


Mobile phones are vital in the 21st century. The reason/use of these devices has evolved since the first invention of the mobile phone.  Mobile phones are not just a form of interaction but used for anything imaginable. I love that all of my email accounts are linked together on my phone. It makes it so much easier to access and respond quickly to them instead of having to wait to get to my laptop. I love my banking app. I USE THIS EVERYDAY! I love the fact I can download any app and access any information available. All in all, mobile phones construct life in 2013 very convenient and are incorporated into almost everything around you. 


As you can see below my personal cell phone has evolved in form and purpose. I would not be able to go back to such a simple device like this Siemens phone. I am so used to my life being accommodated through my iPhone 4s 32 GB





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