Blog 11: Viral Video

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Take a look at the video above and, well, first enjoy it. Then consider what this might mean as a symbol of things that can happen. This particular video is said to have gone “viral.” Why do you think that is? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Why do some videos go viral and others do not? Is this some kind of statement about the type of society in which we live?



A video going viral simply means that it has become popular through the Internet. The video is spreading all over the Internet, which is increasing the popularity of the video. This video in particular has gone viral in that is has spread all over the Internet and has accumulated a high number of viewers. It is interesting to me though that this particular video has gone viral. I would not have guessed that before it was stated in the prompt. I think that it is important and “good” to have videos going viral. It is exciting to see a video increasing in popularity, which could potentially spread worldwide. I think it is beneficial for certain videos to have the opportunity of becoming viral because it will benefit the company/brand/anything that video is promoting. A few other videos that have become viral that I know about are the Harlem Shake and Gangham Style videos. Other brands/organizations have adapted their own personal videos using this viral methodology. I think this is a statement about the type of society we live in. People will click on and watch a video that has gone viral (high number of viewers). A video usually becomes popular when it is something we have not seen before and is entertaining to watch. We want to watch what is popular and adapt to what is popular to become accepted. I love watching videos that have high numbers of viewers because I know that this is what people are interested in watching and I will probably be as well. All in all, going viral is the way to go. 


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