Blog 10: Piracy

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We have all heard about music piracy, that is, the illegal downloading of music. The RIAA claims that Google is promoting piracy by not blocking certain sites that have links to free music. Do you think Google should change or is it up to the sites that have the music on them to change? Who is at fault here? In other words, should search engines be censored? You might want to expand your comments beyond just music, but focusing on music and the issue of music piracy is fine as well



Great article, I must say. Particularly, I love the last line of the article, “There’s just no pleasing some people.” That statement hit the nail on the head with where I want to go with this blog. Piracy is illegal and wrong. We all know that. Google is not promoting the illegal downloading of any medium. However, the goal of their website is to give consumers the searches they are looking for. This is what makes Google the largest and most used search engine.


I can understand where the RIAA is coming from. Google isn’t censoring out these illegal sites to where consumers can download music or any material for free. That isn’t their job in my opinion. Google’s job is to bring web pages for which one is searching. Hello: IT’S CALLED A SEARCH ENGINE PEOPLE! That is the purpose of Google; just bringing up the results for the words you are searching for. It is not their job to remove web searches that contains illegal content. Google did say they will enforce limitations on sites that are “properly labeled as violating the law” but we know that these sites will develop ways around violating the law.


I feel that the RIAA needs to focus on contacting the sites that are violating the law. The energy they are using to make changes on piracy issues will be more beneficial when contacting individual sites that are enabling illegal downloading than spent on criticizing Google for displaying results. I can understand how contacting Google would be beneficial in disenabling consumers from finding illegal sites more easily, but I just think Google is serving it’s main purpose: a search engine. I think one day that it will be very hard to find a way to download things for free on the internet. Piracy may become harder to accomplish with advancing technology and stricter law enforcement. However, I know that there will always be a “back door” found to download illegally.. the digital natives will find a way to find the products they want for free.


Going back to the last line of the article: “There’s just no pleasing some people.” No matter if Google eliminated all illegal sites from being able to be found on their search engine, people will find these sites. It is not easy pleasing people. Technology, especially the Internet, is evolving everyday and is made more accommodating to the user. There will always be piracy, but I admire the initiative the RIAA is taking to prevent it. However, Google should not suffer the repercussions for illegal sites being found on their website.  


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