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Take a look at the article above. Hmmm. I don’t really want us to focus on the robbery so much as about the idea of having cameras all around us. Are we on video all the time not matter where we go? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? What justification either for or against can you offer about the ubiquitous nature of cameras and videos?



OH MY GOSH! THAT IS SCARY! Well actually, that is awesome! I would have never thought to have cameras at my house, but that is awesome that the camera caught the lady and the car on camera while she was stealing from the home. I think that in this society today it is necessary to have video surveillance. It makes it easier to stop crime or catch people. So that brings me to the topic: what our society is coming to.


It is very sad to me that our society is coming down to having to have advanced technology in our homes in order to feel safe. Not just in our homes but in the world in general. There are video cameras everywhere!!!! But that still does not mean that catching people on camera will ensure safety.


During the summer, my friend had her phone stolen at the Speedway on Bardstown Road across the street from Ditto’s. They caught the lady who stole her phone on camera. I think people are so DUMB who steal in a public place where it is known that there are video cameras everywhere recording. However, after the trial we had to go to a few weeks ago, the lady was released by the reasoning that the video recording did not justify if it was the woman that the police had caught. MY FRIEND AND ME recognized this woman as soon was we SAW HER! All in all, I was VERY frustrated with my experience with video cameras.


I think that having video cameras everywhere we go is a good idea. Due to the fact that there is crime out there in the world and with new technology we can find the criminals easier. But I mean they should have better quality cameras that can actually have a good shot of the person caught on camera to make an easier facial recognition. 


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Take a look at the short reports at the links above. Speculate on what this news means to American society. Does it matter that PC sales are declining? Why or why not? Does it make any difference what type of devices we use to communicate, surf, buy things, and so on? Where do you think this means we are headed? And are we really becoming sissies because of smart phones and tablets? If so, so what? Do you see any connection between these two articles?

It is very interesting to me that PC sales are declining, but I am not actually 100% surprised. We have been learning that smaller is better. Consumers want to have a device that is small in order to carry it around easier. Consumers also want something that is faster. Smaller and faster seem to be the most common drives for a technology purchase by “most” people.

I also find it interesting that students today are using tablets instead of laptops. Me, personally, I would feel lost using a tablet in class and at home. My laptop has been a lifesaver in college. I love to be able to transport it anywhere, and it is not that heavy. Yes, at tablet would take up less space and is lighter. But I would feel lost without the capabilities that I find easier on my laptop. I also have more storage space on my computer versus a tablet.

I do not think it makes any difference what device you are using when you are communicating, surfing the web or buying things when it comes to a PC or tablet or phone. I think the difference comes into play when you are performing research and typing a paper, or power point or excel spreadsheet. Yes, you can do those on a tablet, but using a laptop or desktop would be easier in my opinion. You do not have to use your fingers on the touch screen. I would much rather use a mouse. I just honestly feel it is more proficient to use a laptop or desktop when performing schoolwork.

I feel like our society is headed towards a more gradual decline in PC sales. People are OBSESSED with smart phones and tablets. I mean I don’t blame consumers. It is very appeal that aspects that smart phones and tablets offer. But I do not think they are ultimately the better purchase. I feel like it is personal preference. I would not buy a tablet, just because I can do everything on my laptop. My laptop has a CD ROM drive and USB ports that I use constantly. The battery life on my laptop is also longer than that of a tablet. Ultimately, laptops are more efficient and the better purchase in my eyes.


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