Blog 7: Cinema Technology

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The importance of story in cinema is crucial. I do think that producers keep that in mind when making a movie with the aide of new technology. Our world is evolving along with the technology that is shaping our culture. I feel that as though technology is advancing the story in cinema. Directors and producers are taking full advantage of ever growing technology around us to enhance the “story” and cinema experience. I think that technology should be taken full advantage of when creating a film and take the audience to a place where they will not forget. Technology enhances the viewers experience and hopefully overall ratings of a film.


When a movie comes out with the newest technology, I feel that as though consumers and more encouraged to go and see it. The Harry Potter movies are a AMAZING example as in the article. I felt as though when watching these movies I got to escape reality and pretend I was in a magical world (Hogwarts). The Back to the Future movies are another prime example. People love to see things that they think could be a reality or just a dream. It is cool to experience the movie as though you might be in it as well. The 3D technology also broadens the viewers experience; it makes it as though you might be in the movie. This emotional appeal is what hooks consumers in any medium. When you have this wonderful experience due to technology, why wouldn’t producers and directors keep using the newest and best technology to reel the audience in?


When entering the world of Hogwarts or the future, I start to imagine why can’t the world I live in be more like that? The movies are creating worlds that real life people dream to encounter. Movies are just the life version of books. If authors can write about fictional places, why shouldn’t movie producers try to illustrate the fantasies? It is brilliant to use the progressing technology to make our wildest dreams a reality.. even if it is only for 2 hours via movie theatre or television. People want to view or read movies and books that make them feel as though they can escape the real world and into a fictional world to experience something unreal or new. I cannot wait to see what will be the next big technology in movies, or better yet in the world alone. I think more and more people are going to see movies because of the advancing technology used in the films. It is just a factor that is increasing ticket sales. This is good for consumers and producers. Technology is vital to this culture and will not go away in this lifetime. 


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