Blog 6: Digital Signs

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         Digital signage is a new and quickly growing technological trend happening today. The world of technology has evolved rapidly since the 1950’s. Digital signage, the “fifth screen”, is a newer technology that is being seen more and more. I personally think that the idea based behind the digital signs is brilliant. The fact that a business can have four screens displayed in the bank that run ads, information, promotions, basically anything is very eye catching. Businesses are looking to draw in more customer interaction, engagement and overall satisfaction.


         I do not think that this is just another instance of someone cheering on a new technology. I think this man is smart and embracing a new technology to benefit his banking company. If the digital signs were increasing numbers and business then why would this not be a good idea for a company to use? It makes common sense to use them!!! I think it is wonderful to use the digital signs as an interaction piece between the consumers and business. Whether the digital signs be a conversation piece of a reference, people are looking at them. The signs are drawing noticeable attention. That is the key point – getting your consumers to pay more attention to you or what you have to offer.


         Digital signs are going to be prominent in our generation. They already exist in airports, schools, places of shopping, and are just expanding to more locations. I think that it might be risky to use a digital sign in a small bank, but in the case of the article this was a bigger bank with over 700 employees. Obviously the digital signs work well in places with high traffic flow to serve a bigger crowd of consumers. Maybe with this growing technology, we will no longer see plain signs without the benefit of customer interaction. I would love to see more digital signs in the area I live in. I think they would work really well on the University of Louisville’s campus. Yes, the university already has basic digital signs, but not the signs that encourage consumer interaction. That is something that I think is more beneficial. When the consumer has to stop and either work on the sign or through their cellphones is something that I think would greatly generate interaction and business.


         Technology is always evolving and newer devices are always being made. I look forward to see the evolution of digital signs during my lifetime. I hope to interact with a digital sign in my future. Maybe the University of Louisville with adopts an interactive sign that could be beneficial for student feedback or for some other purpose. We live in an advancing society that is progressing to newer and better things. All in all, digital signs are unique and constructive inventions in my eyes. 


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