Blog 5: Advertising

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I think that at first when reading this comment that it is hard to follow. The wording should be adjusted, in my opinion. I feel that advertising has evolved since its first days. Obviously, times change so advertising changes along with the evolution. The interactive television chapter is confusing when it comes to television to me. Television needs advertising to thrive and to continue. However, I could see networks trying to sell content at a higher price without the ads yet and receive higher revenue. Even though that backfired when people would refuse to pay a higher price.


Consumers are not ever going to enjoy watching ads/ commercials when watching TV. Let’s face that!!! I think that there needs to be some more experimentation with advertising and the television to find a happy medium. There are obviously different types of advertisements, so maybe we can do away with commercials? But commercials are what greatly fund television networks and the whole business. I think the standard way of advertising should be put ads in the programs and give them away for free. Why would people pay money for the exact same program with they can get it for free with ads. Ads are a annoyance, but not enough to make me pay, lets say 5 dollars for a movie just to get rid of the ads. All in all, I personally think this should remain the standard of advertising, but who knows what will happen. Advertising has evolved just like everything has, and we will all see what the future of advertising will become shortly…


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