Blog 4: A Limiting Factor

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Before reading these two articles, I was totally unaware of what was going on with these two companies. My initial reaction to this issue was, “I need to get this feature on my TV!” I know that CBS would frown upon my wishful thinking, but come on.. Who would not want to skip pointless ads in order to continue watching a program? I can see the viewpoints taken by both companies. They both have valid stances, in my opinion, but what will it come down to? That is the million-dollar question.


Okay, so it is obvious to all why CBS is pissed. I am sure that advertisers are even more pissed. Why give money to this corporation if people are not even seeing the ads, they are just out of sight for viewers who have this feature on their television. This directly affects CBS. If the advertisers are paying CBS to run their ads, and the ads are not being viewed, then CBS is going to suffer penalties. DUH! However, I wonder how many consumers are using this ad-skipping feature? Also what comes to mind is if this ad skipping feature continues on, will there be a lost of advertisements on television all together? Yes, I do think ads are annoying but that is one major strategy companies use to reach out to their audiences/consumers. I cannot imagine being able to watch a television program and not have to see any advertisements.. Just does not seem like TV to me.


However, I see why Dish is enabling this feature to its consumers. IT IS GENIUS! People love to be able to skip ads and continue to watch their programs without any disturbances. Like I have said, I wonder if this feature has generated more revenue for Dish. Also, I wonder if more networks will pull away from Dish because of this feature. The ads are not being played so in correlation the networks are loosing advertisers business, right? This is the only logical reasoning to me over this whole matter.


Ultimately, I agree with both sides. I see a problem with the advertisers relationship with the networks, which is a causation of networks pulling from Dish. Yet, I see why Dish promotes this feature that is a benefit for consumers. I honestly feel like this feature will become abolished because of all the controversy arising. Dish will most likely loose all of the networks, so people will not be able to view their shows they want to watch.. Dish will most likely loose this battle. However, I really would like to have this feature as a consumer. There should try to be some compromise, but in reality the networks will have the final say in what goes down. 


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