Blog Post 3: Diversity

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Diversity should not be a hard goal to achieve in our generation. I mean come on people we have an African American president. I feel that these articles give a great insight to how our world is not progressing to what Obama’s intentions are for our nation. The message he relays is to give women equality more over, give equality amongst all minorities (this includes women). It kind of bothers me that this message is obviously not a reality still to this day. Will this always be an issue in America? Achieving diversity? I feel that it is ridiculous that more men make up higher ranked careers in America, and the article is right in saying that the inequality of our society delivers a whole different message.


When growing up teachers always tell students that you can do anything you set your mind to. Well it is kind of hard to believe that “illusion” after realizing that most of the high status individuals that obtain high status jobs are white males. What hope does this leave for everyone else in America who is not of that identity? It is sad, as a woman, to see the way the leader of our country preach that he wants to make our nation more diverse when there is no evidence of that today. It makes me question, what will it take to change this?


In any college introductory level sociology course, one first learns of people’s “life chances” in this world. We are all born into this world the same way, but how come one person ends up becoming president and the other as a mailman? It is all due to one’s life chances. This was a difficult concept for me to learn at first because like I mentioned, we all are fed the same message that we can become whatever we want. That is NOT true. One’s life chances are determined by race, class, sex, education, and many more factors. Why can’t we all have the same given opportunities in order to achieve “our dreams”. Societal norms do not allow one to change their life chances easily. Social change needs to come into play. There have been acts of social change in history… but why is there still prevailing topics people were trying to change many, many years ago?


Social change should rejuvenate societal norms. I am not saying change has not been seen because we do have an African American president, but there needs to be more changes made. When will we see an equal representation of women and men holding these high positions in America, or even in the world? I hope that one-day people will be able to say there is full equality among all humans. White men should not be the only “leaders” in this world. I feel like women and men both bring differentiating factors to the table in any given status. The topic of race comes into play as well. A white man and a black man both bring in opposite stances into the work force. Therefore, for a nation who has been trying to reach diversity and equality since before this century, we need to open up their eyes. 


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