Blog Post 2: “Digital Natives”

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First of all I want to say I really like the term “digital native”, even though sometimes I do not feel that digitally native. I feel very blessed to be born into a generation where everything I could want is in the hands of my iPhone, but sometimes living in a world that is becoming so technologically advanced can be frustrating. Yes, I have a laptop and other cool gadgets, however, I feel so aggravated when they do not work properly or when you have to keep purchasing the “newest” and “greatest” to keep up to par. The iPhone has evolved tremendously since the first model. You can have the newest, greatest, and fastest of everything, but it will cost you a chunk of change. When my iPhone starts freezing or isn’t loading things as fast as I want and expect the device too, I start to feel anxious and irritated. I feel like if I just spent $300 to purchase it, no matter what generation it is, it should work how I want it to!


Technology is evolving everyday. Face to face interaction is becoming more and more obsolete in our world. In a past class we learned about how one company only meets or works through a digital world. People do not have to get up or get dressed to go to work… They can just wake up, tune into their computers and work from home in their underwear. Making a business deal has progressed from meeting in a suit and greeting people to just logging on to the nearest computer.


Personally, being a digital native is a good quality for me. Yes, there are cons to the issue, but all in all it has made things “easier”. My favorite purchase was my MacBook Pro. I am OBSESSED with it. I do not know what I would do without it, I do everything on my computer: typing papers, logging on blackboard, emailing, paying bills, shopping, skyping, downloading pictures, purchase my own music, creating power points, keeping my calendar organized… let’s just say I have become dependent on technology. I do not think that is a bad thing either, but I can understand the standpoint these teachers take. It is frustrating for me when I feel like “things do not work” on my devices. However, the teachers are correct in saying that if we do not get immediate satisfaction in a couple of minutes of searching for something on the internet we will just give up. It is hard to go back to taking hours to complete research when you have already had the taste of instant satisfaction.


I wonder what the future will hold for “digital natives”. As I already mentioned, technology will continue to evolve to newer models and there will obviously be newer inventions. Will our world become so digitalized to where we will just work with computers everywhere we go? They already have self check out machines at different stores, what else will happen in the future? I have recently heard of a prototype for a “humanoid” which is like a robot that is programmed to do what the creator wants. If companies start having “humanoids” do their mundane tasks then what will that mean for “real people”? The benefits would be that companies would not have to pay their humanoids an hourly rate or worry about shift changes for humanoids can run 24/7. It is kind of scary of how our world is advancing but cool at the same time. 


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